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  1.Prof Dr Ayub successfully completed basic course in diving medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in January 1996 under the supervisor ship of Professor D.F.Gorman, Head of Hyperbaric Medicine Unit.
  2. Prof Dr Ayub was offered a position in Ph.D program of University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom under able supervisor ship of Professor Janet A. Wilson in October 2007 on the research topic of ‘prospective assessment of gastropharyngeal reflux during radiation’ after approval of research proposal .The PhD was funded by National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan .Unfortunately, I could not proceed for the PhD at the last moment due to service exigencies being a government servant.
  3.Prof Dr Ayub was awarded BACO Fellowship to attend the 13th British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology at Liverpool, United Kingdom from 8th to 10th July 2009 with 20 CPD Credits.
  4. Prof. Dr Ayub has the honor to be one of the few Pakistanis to have been part of ‘visiting physicians program at House Ear Institute’, Los Angeles, USA in 2016 which is the center par excellence in the world for ear diseases