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Patient Reviews

Muhammad Jamil
I had an excellent experience with Prof. Dr. Ayub. From counseling to surgery, preoperative to postoperative treatment, I received nothing but the best from Prof. Dr. Ayub, a highly skilled professional. The FESS done by him was painless.

Kamran Akmal
My son was suffering from mouth breathing and recurrent sorethroat for last one year but we was never diagnosed properly nor treatment options discussed till we were referred to Prof. Dr. Ayub.He not only diagnosed as suffering from chronic adenotonsillitis after thorough history ,detailed examination and investigations.He explained in detail the treatment options available and suggested surgery for permanent treatment.My son underwent the procedure of adenotonsillectomy and recovered without any issues and now he is totally symptom free and his overall heath in regard to height and weight has improved tremendously.Dr Ayub gave us personal attention and guided us at each step and we are very grateful to him.May God bless him and give him further skill and respect.


Irum Naheed

My wife Irum naheed was seen by Dr Ayub in his clinic and diagnosed as suffering from recurrent nasal polyposis.She was booked for surgery on 12 August 2016 after proper counselling.The surgery took about one and half hour and my wife had uneventful recovery after the surgery.Her nasal packs were removed by Dr Ayub himself forty eight hours after the surgery and we were discharged from the hospital after seventy two hours.My wife's present condition is that she is feeling relieved of nasal obstruction and very comfortable.May the blessings of Allah brigthen the days ahead of you.''Your thoughtfullnes and kindness will be remembered for a long time,thankyou".

Aurainab Shah

For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to breathe from my left nostril. It always was a real struggle to fall asleep not being able to breathe properly from my nose. After I moved to Canada, it got totally unbearable! The freezing winds outside and the heating inside would completely dry my nose and the little that I could breathe stopped as well. I also had major headaches and had developed a lymph node on the left side of my neck. After getting it checked in Canada (which took 2 months of them sending me to different doctors and departments) and freaking out when they sent me to an oncologist who gave me a wait time of 3 months before proceeding with anything my parents called me back to Lahore to get it fixed as soon as possible.
We asked around for an ENT specialist and everyone recommended me to go to Dr Ayub. You know they say, God sends angels down on the earth to help you in your worst times? Well, for me and my family in that time of distress that angel was surely Dr Ayub.
Dr Ayub figured out what the cause of the lymph node was in just one sitting. But just to be on the safe side he made me get my X-rays and blood tests done. We scheduled the septoplasty in a couple of weeks on the 2nd of November 2016. He explained the entire procedure to me and was open to any kind of question i had. I made him promise to make sure it wont hurt and he kept his promise.
From the very first time I consulted Dr Ayub till the very end, he has been really supportive, always patiently listening to me blabber, making sure I dont feel pain (as promised) and being more responsible than me in making sure that my issue is resolved as soon as possible!
I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you've done! Thank you for explaining the procedure to me step by step and guiding me throughout. You're a truly talented doctor who knows what he's doing and I wish you all the best! 
Thank you so much again!!!