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‚Äč1. Prof. Dr Ayub was part of the team responsible for introduction cochlear implantation in Pakistan for the hearing impaired community registered under the name of Cochlear Implant Program of Pakistan in 2005.

2. Prof. Dr Ayub and his team started the first neonatal hearing screening program for hearing impaired children in any private or public hospital in Pakistan at Hameed Latif Hospital,Lahore.
  3. Prof. Dr Ayub was instrumental in conceiving and implementing the concept of Surgical Oncology team in Jinnah Hospital with joint surgeries performed by ENT,maxillofacial and plastic surgeon.
  4. Prof. Dr Ayub was among the two Pakistani's to be awarded BACO Fellowship to attend the 13th British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology at Liverpool, United Kingdom from 8th to 10th July 2009.
  5. Prof. Dr Ayub conducted the first ever Faculty Training workshops for the whole of the faculty of Allama Iqbal Medical College along with two other colleagues. The complete cycle of three workshops for each faculty member took me over one year in 2015.
  6. Prof. Dr Ayub has the unique honor of being selected as part of the steering group of University of Health Sciences in regard to introduction and implementation of integrated undergraduate medical curriculum in 2015-2016
  7. Prof. Dr Ayub has the honor to be one of the few Pakistanis to have been part of ‘visiting physicians program at House Ear Institute’, Los Angeles, USA in 2016 which is the center par excellence in the world for ear diseases
  8. Prof. Dr Ayub is among few Pakistanis to have attended the ‘annual meeting of American Association of Head and Neck Surgeons’ in San Diego, USA from 18th September to 21 September, 2016.



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