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Surgical Expertise

I have performed more than approximately 7,500 major surgeries up till now with average of 500 major surgeries per year for fifteen years. For last three years I have been extensively involved with all sorts of head and neck oncological surgeries being part of surgical oncology team. The surgeries have included :

(1) Removal of foreign bodies.
(2) Myringotomy with grommet insertion
(3) Cortical Mastoidectomies
(4) Modified radical Mastoidectomies
(5) Radical Mastoidectomies
(6) Tympanoplasties
(7) Cochlear Implantation
(8) Stapedectomies







Nose and Para Nasal Sinuses
(1)  Removal of foreign bodies
(2)  Turbinectomies
(3)  SMR
(4)  Septoplasties
(5)  Rhinoplasties
(6)  Septorhinoplasties
(7)  Revision Septorhinoplasties
(8)  Augmentation rhinoplasties
(9)  Nasal hump removal
(10) Closed reduction of nasal fractures
(11) Open reduction and internal fixation of maxillary and zygomatic fractures
(12) Caldwell Luc’s operations  
(13) Nasal polypectomies
(14) Closure of oroantral fistulae
(15) FESS and Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries
(16) External Ethmoidectomies
(17)  Nasal and Paranasal Tumors



(1) Adenoidectomies
(2) Tonsillectomies by dissection/electro coagulation and harmonic scalpel
(3) Surgeries of peritonsillar and parapharyngeal abscesses
(4) Reconstruction of cleft lip and palate
(5) Resection of parapharyngeal tumors
(6) Excision of tumors of oropharynx and soft palate
(7) Excision of Angiofibromas
(8) Biopsies of nasopharyngeal carcinomas




(1) Removal of foreign bodies
(2) Oesophagoscopies – diagnostic and therapeutic








Larynx, Trachea and Bronchi
(1) Diagnostic laryngoscopies and biopsies
(2) Rigid bronchoscopies - diagnostic and therapeutic        
(3 Tracheostomies
(4) Laser and Microlaryngeal surgeries
(5) Total Laryngectomies












Head and Neck
(1) Operations for cervical cysts, sinuses and fistulas